Just revealed by Square Enix.
Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Just a few minutes ago, the official Final Fantasy Twitter account revealed that Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will be released on September 3. As this is the best Final Fantasy game (don't @ me), this news should make everybody very excited.

This release bumps up the visuals of the game (full HD 1080p), improved character models, and more texture details. In addition, it also adds in some customization options that allow you to play the game more like how you want to. Some of these features include a speed boost toggle, the ability to max out levels for your Guardian Forces, or get max Gil, just to name a few. It's like having a built-in GameShark.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. You can pre-order the game for your platform of choice right now for $19.99 (USD), except for maybe the Steam version.

Though it says you can pre-order it, I cannot actually find the Remastered version on Steam anywhere. It's not quite clear yet if the old version of Final Fantasy VIII that is currently available on Steam will simply be updated to the Remastered version or not at release. Hopefully we'll have more details on that one soon.

In a world where an ancient energy known as the Sorceress Power is passed down through generations, the peace of the realm is threatened when the evil Sorceress Edea takes power as ruler of the Galbadia Republic. Squall, a member of Balamb Garden Military Academy's elite mercenary force SeeD, other allies from the Garden, and Rinoa, a member of the resistance, join together on a journey to fight against Sorceress Edea, who shows hostility toward the Garden.