Pulls into the station on September 9.

If you ever wanted to build your own railroad, but didn't want to do it alone, you should take a look at Unrailed!. This is an upcoming co-op railroad-building game that will enter into Steam Early Access on September 9, 2019.

You will get procedurally generated landscapes to work with. You will also have to contend with weird inhabitants and hostile terrain. Your mission is to bring an unstoppable train safely to the station through a variety of maps. The co-op contained within the game is of both a local and online variety. There is even a competitive online multiplayer mode.

A closed beta is actually available today for Unrailed! ahead of its September 9 launch in Early Access. You can find out more details on the closed beta, including how to join, by joining the Unrailed! Discord server (this is a Discord server invite link).

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