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Guild Wars 2 S4 EP6

The sixth episode of the fourth Living World season was released today for Guild Wars 2. As always, all you need to do is log in to Guild Wars 2 while this episode is live and it's yours to keep forever at no extra cost. If you don't log in before the next content is released, whenever that is, you won't get this for free. It's pretty simple.

This latest episode is called "War Eternal" and it finds players chasing down the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. There is a new map and an upgradable, two-tier Mist Shard armor set. There is also a new "form-shifting" greatsword called Exordium. Plus, there is also the new flying dragon mount named Skyscale.

You can get a look at the full release notes in this update over at the Guild Wars 2 forums.

Also, there is a 50% off sale for Guild Wars 2 going on for another five days until May 19.