Take flight on the new Skyscale dragon mount.
GW2 Skyscale

On May 14, Guild Wars 2 will once again get some new content. This marks the release date of the Living World Season 4, Episode 6 entitled "War Eternal." This will be the final episode for the fourth season. When it releases, you will obviously get a continuation of the story, but also the opportunity to get the new flying dragon mount, Skyscale.

War Eternal will be free to everyone that owns Guild Wars 2 that logs in to the game while the episode is live. It's yours forever without spending an extra penny. If you wait until the next piece of content is released to log in, you will have to spend some cash to get this, just like every other time.

If you don't yet own Guild Wars 2, they're having a sale for 50% off on every version of the game until May 19.

With the shocking death of a dear friend at the end of Episode 5, the Commander and allies are out of time and out of options. Yet a sliver of hope remains while they still breathe, and War Eternal takes players on a daring, odds-defying chase after the wounded and angry Elder Dragon, Kralkatorrik, the villain at the center of last episode’s heartbreaking conclusion.

With plenty of surprises in store, Episode 6 will feature a bevy of new content for the game, including:
  • A new flying mount, the Skyscale, a rideable dragon that can climb walls and scorch enemies
  • A new map that promises to unlock answers to the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik’s very existence
  • The legendary greatsword Exordium, which changes form depending on which attack skills a player uses
  • A new upgradeable, two-tier Mist Shard armor set