ES Legends Alliance War

Bethesda shot an email my way to let me know to let you know that The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Alliance War is out now. This new content is available everywhere that the game is (PC, iOS, Android) and offers up a bunch of new cards and game mechanics.

Specifically, the update includes over 100 new cards, five new card color combinations, four new mechanics, and a new game board. Alliance War is said to bring about "the largest change to the meta in the game's history." Alliance War card packs are available to purchase in-game starting now.

Fight alongside five different factions vying for power across the Empire, each represented by a new three-attribute combination and their own unique mechanic. Will you ally with the Aldmeri Dominion, who empower their abilities through relentless attacks? Or perhaps the Daggerfall Covenant, capable of mobilizing heavily armed recruits at a moment’s notice? The decision is yours…

In addition to new cards, new factions and new mechanics, Alliance War will also enhance The Elder Scrolls: Legends with new visual effects, music tracks and a gorgeous playmat!