Borderlands 3 probably

Late in February, Gearbox announced that they will have a presence at PAX East 2019. Today, the development studio put an exclamation point on that announcement by teasing something that looks a hell of a lot like the Borderlands art style.

The tweet was nothing more than the ubiquitous eyes emoji 👀 along with a stylized road sign saying "March 28" and "Boston, MA" in the Borderlands style. I'm assuming this is going to be Gearbox's big Borderlands 3 reveal. It's either that or they are just being massive jerks and there won't be anything Borderlands related shown off at all.

Even worse would be if they announced a Borderlands Mobile game and didn't announce Borderlands 3. But then again, who would be foolish enough to announce a mobile game and not a highly anticipated mainline sequel?

Borderlands 2 was released back in 2012 and we haven't really had a proper sequel since then. You could argue that Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which released in 2014, was a new entry in the franchise but it wasn't a "proper" sequel for most fans of the series. In many areas, The Pre-Sequel fell well short of the mark.