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  • A New Tales from the Borderlands Series Announced

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    A New Tales from the Borderlands Series Announced

    Everything about it is new.

    New adventure, new characters, and new tales. This is what is coming with the new Tales from the Borderlands series that was announced today at PAX East. The announcement came from Gearbox and 2K and they say that it will be released in 2022.

    CEO Randy Pitchford made the reveal during Gearbox's PAX East 2022 panel. The new game will be fully revealed this summer, but we did get a teaser image to tide us all over.

    The first Tales...
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  • PAX East Full Exhibitor List Revealed

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    PAX East Full Exhibitor List Revealed

    Industry veteran Alanah Pearce will provide the opening keynote.

    The final list of all PAX East exhibitors was shared today. Before we get into those, we must also note that the opening Storytime keynote for PAX East will be given by games industry veteran Alanah Pearce.

    Pearce currently works as a writer for Sony's Santa Monica Studio, the developer responsible for the God of War franchise. When Pearce isn't helping to bring life to Kratos, she is busy doing regular content...
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  • PAX South is No More

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    PAX South is No More

    The annual event has come to an end for the foreseeable future.

    The crew that runs the annual gaming-themed conventions known as PAX have just announced some unfortunate news. For now and the foreseeable future, PAX South will no longer take place in any capacity.

    While it seems as though complications from COVID-19 can be given a big part of the blame, there were other factors that went into this decision. Unlike the other PAX events, such as PAX East and PAX West, PAX...
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  • PAX West 2021 Requires Vaccination Proof

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    PAX West 2021 Requires Vaccination Proof

    The chances of getting the PAX Pox just became that much smaller.

    PAX West 2021 will require that those attending the event provide proof that you have been vaccinated from COVID-19 or, at the very least, that you provide a negative COVID-19 test. These requirements are being made in accordance with recommendations from state and local public health authorities.

    The event organizers say that you need to have completed the vaccination series or provide a negative COVID-19...
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  • PAX West 2021 Returns to Being an In-person Event

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    PAX West 2021 Returns to Being an In-person Event

    He slimed me... That's great. Actual physical contact.

    The event organizers of PAX announced that PAX West 2021 will return this Summer as an in-person event. PAX West is currently scheduled to take place from September 3 through September 6 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Badges are set to go on sale in the next two weeks.

    This marks the first in-person event for PAX since PAX East 2020. It's also the first in-person PAX event to take place after...
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  • PAX East 2021 Goes Online Only

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    PAX East 2021 Goes Online Only

    Now called PAX Online 2021.

    Penny Arcade and ReedPop just announced that they have cancelled PAX East 2021 because of reasons that should be abundantly clear by now. Hint: It rhymes with BOVID. In its place is PAX Online 2021 that will take place Thursday, July 15 through Sunday, July 18.

    The event organizers say that PAX East will return to Boston in 2022. As of right now, the show organizers are "cautiously optimistic" that PAX West and PAX Unplugged for 2021...
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  • PAX Online to Replace PAX West and Australia

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    PAX Online to Replace PAX West and Australia

    Yes, the entire continent of Australia.

    In what should be a surprise to literally nobody, the event organizers for PAX West and PAX Australia have decided to cancel their in-person events for 2020. We're still involved in that little ol' Covid-19 pandemic thing, maybe you've heard of it? Chances are you've heard of it and have either taken all necessary precautions to stay safe, or you're American. Either way, it's bad news bears for a lot of people still and having a convention or...
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  • Baldur's Gate 3 Gameplay Screens, Opening Cinematic, and First Features Revealed

    The moment many D&D fans have been waiting for.

    Larian Studios and Wizards of the Coast showed off Baldur's Gate 3 for the first time ever today. They did so with a live demo that, while it didn't go quite as smoothly as they probably would have liked, still ended up looking amazing.

    Below you will get your first details about Baldur's Gate 3 features and gameplay. We also have the opening cinematic intro to share with you along with a number of gameplay screenshots....
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  • Multiple Gaming Studios Pull Out of GDC and PAX Over Coronavirus Scare

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    Multiple Gaming Studios Pull Out of GDC and PAX Over Coronavirus Scare

    Game studios are taking the Coronavirus threat seriously.

    Just in the past week or so, we have learned about a number of game developers and publishers that are pulling out of planned trips to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and even PAX East 2020. Studios that had planned on attending one or both of these industry events have cancelled their plans due to the ever growing threat of the latest coronavirus (COVID-19).

    We know that Sony and Facebook will not be going...
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  • Chivalry 2 Alpha Announced

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    Chivalry 2 Alpha Announced

    Plus, both Chivalry 2 and Maneater will be at PAX East 2020.

    There will be a closed alpha beginning March 2020 for Chivalry 2. Those who are interested in trying out the game for themselves well ahead of the game's actual release, should head on over to the Chivalry 2 Closed Alpha signup page.

    The alpha does come with the stipulation that you agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). That means if you get in you cannot publicly share any media from the alpha. The teams...
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  • Save Lives in Fortnite's Upcoming Liferun Mode

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    Save Lives in Fortnite's Upcoming Liferun Mode

    You'll be saving lives starting this Sunday.

    At PAX South, a new game mode for Fortnite will make its public debut. DrLupo will be going up against ONE_shot_GURL, and Lachian in the upcoming Liferun game mode. This competition will lead into the game's release for everyone on Sunday, January 19.

    Liferun is a new Creative Mode game type for Fortnite. In Liferun, you will assume the role of an International Red Cross worker that is "racing to save lives, not take them."...
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  • Eight New Games Announced as Timed Exclusives for Epic Games Store

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    Eight New Games Announced as Timed Exclusives for Epic Games Store

    Epic revealed these games at PAX West 2019.

    As part of a PAX West 2019 showcase, Epic Games revealed a list of eight titles that are launching on the Epic Games Store. These games will, as always, be a timed exclusive to the store before leaving that monopoly.

    There is a trailer for these games in addition to a brief written rundown of the upcoming titles. So far, release dates have not yet been revealed for any of the eight games shown here. As it stands, it also doesn't...
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  • Gary Whitta to Deliver PAX West 2019 Keynote

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    Gary Whitta to Deliver PAX West 2019 Keynote

    He wrote some things that you probably know.

    Gary Whitta, the award-winning writer for numerous films, books, comics, and games, is set to deliver the PAX West 2019 keynote address. This takes place on Friday, August 30 at 10AM in the Main Theater.

    Whitta will talk about his long career, which began as a writer for PC Gamer. He has also written for games like Telltale's The Walking Dead, he wrote The Book of Eli, and worked on multiple Star Wars projects including co-writing Rogue One. ...
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  • Pathologic 2 Announced, Releasing this May

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    Pathologic 2 Announced, Releasing this May

    Pathologic 2 was shown off today during the Gearbox Publishing segment of today's Gearbox PAX panel. The game, still in development from tinyBuild, will be released on May 23, 2019 through Steam.

    A new trailer for the game shows off just a taste of the game's creepy setting and disturbing cast of characters. The game is in first-person and can best be described as a "narrative-driven dramatic thriller." It's probably a good thing those are the exact words the dev team...
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  • Borderlands 3 Officially Announced

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    Borderlands 3 Officially Announced

    Randy Pitchford and the developers at Gearbox came out on stage at PAX East 2019 today to reveal a magic trick. In addition to this, they also officially announced Borderlands 3. Here is the trailer they showed off. We'll have more information about the game as it's provided. ...
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