Space Justice

IT Territory and publisher have released their new "mobile space age vertical shoot 'em up" called Space Justice. This game places players into an all new bullet hell style game complete with a variety of game modes, various spacecrafts, and more.

Space Justice is currently available for iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play. Looking at the store pages, the game is free to download but contains in-app purchases.

Set in the 23rd century, players command a small elite space force as they embark to save the galaxy though an addictive combination of base building and challenging classic space bullet hell action. With a nice variety of modes to play and spacecrafts, drones and pilots to collect, players are sure to have a blast as they navigate through space in the name of Space Justice!

Commanders will explore to the galactic unknown in their gigantic battlecruiser that acts as a base of operations. From their cruiser, players will collect a fleet, research new technologies and select a powerful squadron to face countless waves of merciless alien invaders. However, the base can be attacked by other players and setting up security and defenses to protect valuable resources from PvP raiders is vital to ensure your galactic dominance.

Key Features:
Re-imagined Shoot 'em up Arcade Gameplay:
Experience a brand-new way to enjoy classic vertical scrolling shooter action. Galactic theatres of war presented in 3D, gameplay with outstanding controls and pumping retro wave beats will keep you immersed in fast-paced space battles!

Single Player and Co-op campaign:
Dozens of missions unveil an epic story about saving the galaxy from an unknown alien force. The campaign includes swarms of alien vessels, tricky bosses and more to outwit and gun down as you fly your deadly fighter through overwhelming odds. Co-op adds an extra layer of tactics by allowing you to unite in space combat with a wingman by your side. Combine the right abilities and coordinate your attack to bring down most powerful enemies.

Base building and Raiding (PvP):
Welcome to the bridge of your very own Battlecruiser! Upgrade and enhance your base, your space fleet and research new weapons, drones and gadgets. Select the right pilot for each mission; make use of each race's strengths in merciless space combat. Enter the player versus player mode and plunder enemy cruisers for resources, shooting down all that resist! Play hard, but never leave your own Battlecruiser unprotected - lure your enemies into traps and ensure your resources are well secured!
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