HUNT: Showdown
Crytek is offering you a chance to play HUNT: Showdown for free from right now until August 13 at 1PM (ET). As you may have also guessed, the game will be on sale during this time for a fairly decent 20% off.

You can download and start playing immediately via Steam.

Crytek also announced that this free weekend coincides with the addition of servers to South America. They also added new Steam trading cards, for those of you who are into that sort of thing.
Currently, Hunt: Showdown is in early access, and constant updates bring new content and further optimizations to the game on a monthly basis. Shortly after the free weekend, the game will see the addition of the Water Devil, a new AI that will make wading through the Louisiana swamps where the game is set even more dangerous.

Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer, first-person bounty hunting game that combines the action, thrill and tension of multiple genres into a unique new gaming experience. During each match, up to ten players track and kill monsters solo or in teams of two, then have to fight to get off of the map with the prize before another Hunter takes them out.

Get a brief look at the new Water Devil in action in these two new screenshots. And then there's just a general trailer for the game to give new players a better understanding of the game itself.

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