No Man's Sky NEXT
Tuesday is usually the big day where a bunch of games get updated in addition to just getting released. Today was no exception. Today saw updates released for No Man's Sky, Overwatch, GTA Online, and more. These include the "NEXT" release for No Man's Sky, the addition of Wrecking Ball for Overwatch, and the After Hours content for GTA Online.

No Man's Sky "NEXT" update or update 1.5 adds in a full multiplayer experience, expanded base building, updated visuals and world generation, and the ability to command freighter armadas, and more. This also marks the date in which No Man's Sky is out for Xbox One owners. You can find out more at the No Man's Sky website.

Overwatch's latest update adds in the cute little hamster named Wrecking Ball to the battle.

The update also includes various balance tweaks to Hanzo and Sombra, plus some tweaks to a few maps.

GTA Online has its long awaited After Hours update out this evening.

Ghost Recon Wildlands was also updated today. Here is a look at the Special Operations 2 update aka Title Update 15. Among other changes, it also includes a special mission with some Operatives from Rainbow Six Siege.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was also updated today, mainly with some changes to the Panorama UI. Actually, the changelog is nothing but changes for the Panorama UI.

Prey: Mooncrash has been updated to version 1.08. It looks like there are some nice fixes included in this update along with some new content. This includes two new hats for your pet mimic such as a bucket and a propeller beanie.