The WWII sniper focused game, appropriately named Sniper Elite, will soon have a new comic that will serve to deepen the lore that began with the video games. Sniper Elite: Resistance takes everything you loved about the games, minus the interaction, and puts them to paper this August.
SNIPER ELITE: RESISTANCE sees Allied hero and elite marksman Karl Fairburne parachute into the occupied French town of Angouleme in a bid to stop the shipment of a new German anti-aircraft weapon. However, he soon learns the situation is more complex and dangerous than he could ever have imagined.

Written by Keith Richardson and with art from Patrick Goddard, the high-octane, three-issue mini-series goes on sale August 29. The first issue will have two variant covers by Goddard and Sniper Elite game artist Edouard Groult.

I'm told that the comic will be available at "all good comic book stores." So if you don't see this comic there come August, your comic store may be evil and you should be careful.