Dead Rising 2
When we talk about the idea of gambling in video games, the first thing that may spring to mind are the onslaught of "loot boxes" that have become prevalent over the past half of a decade. While those are always a hot topic of conversation amongst gamers, critics, publishers, and even law makers, those aren't what we're here to bring attention to today. No, instead we're going to take a look at things like actual casinos within a variety of your favorite games. From slot machines to blackjack, games of skill and a bit of luck have been featured throughout gaming's long history. Casinos online are one thing, but they aren't exactly for the young gamers out there. Though there is absolutely nothing saying that those that are simply young at heart can't indulge!

That is where virtual gambling comes into play. Players of all ages and skill levels can play these games for fun. Often times, playing some of these games in a video game can actually provide you with some benefits like additional in-game spending cash, power-ups, or standing with an in-game faction. Other times, like in the case of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas franchise, the bright lights, slot machines, and blackjack tables are just there for show. Unfortunately, being that you are a part of an elite counter-terrorism unit tasked with taking on a global threat, there just isn't any free time available to play a few games. Perhaps when the mission is over you'll have some free time.

Other games, such as Dead Rising 2 actually encourages the player to gamble. Dead Rising 2 is set in the fictional city of Fortune City, a fictional spin on the gambling capital of the world Las Vegas, Nevada. There are plenty of slot machines available for the player to win some money on, including a larger than life machine where you can win big. A side-quest to help rescue a variety of survivors also puts your poker skills to the test. Winning not only nets you some money but it also ensures that the survivors will, well, survive. Players can increase their odds of winning by finding gambling magazines and holding them in their inventory. More wins means more cash and more cash for Frank means you are one step closer to purchasing the rugged SUV for $2.5 million, a must-have for anybody looking to farm some achievements.

Yakuza 0
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Another major game franchise that makes great use of gambling as a side activity is the Yakuza series of games. Often, you will find that these games incorporate some of your favorite casino games including a few that you may not typically find in the States. The stellar Yakuza 0 even has an entire underground casino section with a variety of games to play. The stakes are always high when Kiryu seeks out the casino games in Yakuza 0 that include baccarat, blackjack, poker, and roulette. Cash is king in Yakuza 0, as it is used for everything from purchasing food and healing items, to purchasing those all-important character skill upgrades. As such, you will want to win as much as possible as often as possible.

Beyond the ability to purchase items, players earn more completion points based on how much total cash they have earned throughout the game. Those who are completionists will undoubtedly spend a lot of time playing these casino games. Many of the upper tier equippable items cost quite a bit in Yakuza 0 and even in the recently released Yakuza 6. However, unlike with Dead Rising 2, Yakuza 0 does not include any items that will artificially improve your skill at any of these casino mini-games. You are at the mercy of your own skill and the luck of the A.I. competition. Best of luck to you in your endeavors and remember that in many games, not just in Yakuza 0: "Cash is king!"

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