Come January 23, you can pick up a copy of the new survival multiplayer game, SOS, for just $29.99 (USD) through Steam Early Access. The game is being developed by Outpost Games, a studio made up of former EA, YouTube, and Twitch veterans. I'm assuming this means that they worked at YouTube and Twitch and weren't just streamers? Let's go with that because it sounds a lot more plausible right now.

SOS will put 16 players against each other in a "30-minute reality show-style challenge to escape a dangerous tropical island" called La Cuna.
In SOS, 16 players compete to retrieve a valuable relic from the ruins of a mysterious island in order to escape via helicopter. Survival is key, but winning isn’t as simple as outlasting the competition. In order to escape the island, contestants will need to use the power of both their voice and personality to build bonds with other contestants and navigate the dangerous terrain. Only three contestants can make it out on the helicopter and it’s up to each of the 16 to find their best route off the island. Scheming, strategizing and even backstabbing are commonplace and the contestants who do them most skillfully often have the best chance to escape.

In addition, SOS will introduce the "Hero" platform from Outpost Games. They say that with Hero, "every game has a live audience that gives real-time feedback and influences gameplay. By entertaining the crowd, players can climb the fame leaderboard and become the star of the show. Fans can watch the best matches and interactive with their favorite performers at Hero.tv.

The latest trailer is from about a month ago for the closed beta. It should give you at least some idea of what to expect when the Early Access begins in a couple of weeks. Alternatively, it looks like Ohmwrecker already has a number of videos for SOS up on his YouTube channel.