Last Encounter aims to blend a roguelike experience with twin-stick shooter gameplay later this year. Specifically, we're looking at a Q2 2018 release window on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

Those looking to try out Last Encounter for the first time, will be able to do so at the PAX South event. PAX South is apparently just three days away, so that's like really, really soon. Those at PAX South this week can check it out in booth 10657.
Set in the distant future, all hope is lost when our world is invaded by a savage and technologically superior alien race. To end the onslaught, humanity's last remaining pilots will take the fight to the extraterrestrials' vibrant, procedurally-generated galaxies.

With a fleet of unlockable and upgradable ships, each with their own abilities and attributes, mankind will have the spacecraft to battle the invaders, but will still need the firepower to eradicate their enemies. Fortunately each ship will have a component-based weapon system, allowing pilots to create their own armaments by customizing bullet type, firing pattern and more using parts discovered throughout their adventure.

Even better is the fact that the game also features couch co-op for you and up to three of your friends. Couch co-op in 2018? It's more likely than you think. I'm sure we'll have more on this Exordium Games developed title as the year goes on.