So uh, the Steam Winter Sale is here for 2017. I guess? I mean, it kind of arrived without any fanfare. Valve didn't even send out a press release or email about this thing, but it's here.

You can save money on games like, uh, let's see here...
  • Vanquish for 50% off, now $9.99 (USD)
  • Insurgency for 85% off, now $1.49
  • Shark Attack for 60% off, now $1.19
  • Divinity Original Sin II for 10% off, now $40.49
  • Grand Theft Auto V for 60% off, now $23.99
  • Cuphead for 15% off, now $16.99
  • Steam Link for 90% off, now $4.99
  • Steam Controller for 33% off, now $33.49
  • Dark Souls III for 75% off, now $14.99 (Deluxe Edition now $38.24)
  • Assassin's Creed Origins for 30% off, now $41.99
  • Prey for 50% off, now $19.99
  • Rainbow Six Siege for 40% off, now $8.99
  • and a bunch more...

There's also voting on various Steam Awards. It seems as though there is a new category to vote on each day. Today's vote is for the game where choices matter the most. You get a card for voting.

According to the banner image on Steam, the Winter Sale ends on January 4 at 1PM (ET). Going by recent sale trends, I would also venture a guess that there are no "daily deals" so be sure to just buy whatever you want, whenever you want because it won't get any cheaper.