At 2014's PlayStation Experience, some new footage for Bloodborne was shown off. At the time, the game was still about four months out from release. The enemy that was shown off was this massive creature that had a very distinct arm that glowed red hot with heat. This elusive Chalice Dungeon enemy, the "Flaming Undead Giant," has seemingly gone undiscovered, perhaps thought lost to the cutting room floor as content sometimes is.

Fast-forward to 2017 and a remarkable discovery was made: The giant is indeed still in the game. It only managed to hide itself for nearly three years until being discovered by members of a group that call themselves "Tomb Prospectors." The group, led by user KolbrotKommander finally made the discovery of the Flaming Undead Giant in a "Depth 4 Cursed and Defiled Root Chalice."

The video below provides some background story on the enemy, including its first reveal in 2014's footage.