It has been reported by VentureBeat that Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, had a little chat earlier today with EA's CEO, Andrew Wilson. Like, we're not talking Iger sent a message or had someone else send a message. I'm saying like Iger himself had a chat with Wilson. This went straight to the top of the Mouse's ears.

According to VentureBeat's "sources familiar with the situation," the two were talking about Star Wars Battlefront II. Huh, I wonder what specifically they were talking about?

It's possible it wasn't about anything serious at all. But then again, we live in the real world and the two more than likely talked about the whole loot box fiasco surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II. It is also very likely that their discussion directly led to the sudden change that saw the temporary removal of real money transactions from Star Wars Battlefront II.

It's hard to imagine that Disney was super thrilled to see their fairly kid-friendly Star Wars franchise being associated with things like "gambling" and "boycott." And this is especially true when they have a new movie coming out in a month.