GOG and Disney teamed up to deliver one hell of a surprise to Star Wars Battlefront II fans. I'm talking about the first Battlefront II, the one from 2005. You see, a long time ago (in 2014) the multiplayer for Battlefront II used GameSpy. GameSpy shut down and the multiplayer for Battlefront II died with it. Yes, some third-party solutions existed but there was never anything official.

At least there wasn't anything official until now. Disney and GOG worked together to bring the classic back to life. GOG says that all you need to do is to launch the game through either GOG or Steam and voila, the magic is applied and online is back. How does it work? I just told you, magic. Space magic.

You can pick up Star Wars Battlefront II today for $3.99 (USD) from either GOG or $9.99 from Steam. And then maybe you can then check out the beta for the new Star Wars Battlefront II which kicks off on Wednesday, October 6 for pre-orders and on Friday for everyone.