Today, LawBreakers kicked off a 25% sale through Steam that runs through to next week. Boss Key Studios also announced a free weekend for the game, that runs from September 28 until October 2. There's just a little problem with the timing on that.

See, the free release of Fortnite Battle Royale just happened. Also? The open beta for Call of Duty: WWII is slated for September 29. Given the huge cross-over between fans of these types of games, it probably wasn't such a great time for LawBreakers to try to breathe some life into their anemic player base.

It's a well built game and I say this as someone that hated the game based purely on the earlier betas. It just doesn't have any substantial player base, especially on the PC. I really feel as though the game should have been given a 50% discount for their first major push and perhaps found a better weekend for the free play. At the very least, maybe try for a weekend that doesn't include Call of Duty.