Tacoma, the second game from Fullbright (studio behind Gone Home), was announced as a timed exclusive to the Xbox platform today.
"Tacoma" puts you in control of Amy Ferrier, an independent contractor sent to Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma to recover sensitive data. As she explores the station, she unearths why the previous crew of six have been evacuated, gathering clues to what exactly went wrong. Like "Gone Home," it's a game where you pull details of the narrative from the environment, both physical and digital. "Tacoma" is a story about people and relationships, even in the isolation of outer space.

Tacoma will be released on August 2 on the Xbox One and Windows 10. Other platforms such as PlayStation 4 and/or Steam will have to wait. How long? Who knows! How many people will spoil the game? Probably a lot! Aren't timed exclusives great?