Following yesterday's earning's call with investors, EA and BioWare have moved to put the Mass Effect franchise on ice for the time being. Kotaku heard from people "familiar with the studio" that the franchise is on hiatus and the studio responsible for Mass Effect Andromeda, BioWare Montreal, is now a support studio.

In addition to this, an undisclosed number of BioWare Montreal employees were moved to EA Motive (also in Montreal) last month. Those still at BioWare Montreal are tasked with helping to work on BioWare's other games, including their new IP currently codenamed Dylan. A statement was issued to Kotaku from BioWare Montreal studio director Yanick Roy.

I hope so, Yanick. I hope so. For as much as I hated about Mass Effect Andromeda, I still want that reboot to continue. I want to see where it goes and I want the story to be completed. I'm getting real sick of not getting sequels to franchises I love (Half-Life 3, SiN Episodes, Mega Man Legends 3, etc.).