Prey - New Guided Tour of Talos I


  • Prey - New Guided Tour of Talos I

    Another new video for Prey surfaced today. This latest is offers you a guided tour of Talos I, your massive space station home away from home in the game. There is also a special offer from Bethesda and GameStop that could send you off to Space Camp along with a pretty neat home entertainment system. More on that after we talk about the stuff most people came here for.
    From the grandiose lobby to the industrial inner workings of the space station, Talos I holds something different around every turn. Early on, the entire station opens up for you to explore in almost any manner you like. As Morgan Yu, move freely throughout Talos I, and even return to previously explored areas to find big changes depending on how the story unfolds – or what actions the you’ve taken. You will also be able to go outside of the space station and fly around in zero gravity, using the exterior to navigate to a different area or to find additional secrets hidden outside Talos I.

    The tour and a size comparison of Talos I can be seen below.


    As mentioned, the team is teaming up with GameStop to send someone to Space Camp and also give them a new 4K, 65-inch TV, a new home theater speaker system, and a custom Prey console. The sweepstakes is open to anyone and you are free to enter at from now until May 25.

    Prey is slated to be released on May 5 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
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