Earlier today, the Target website may have accidentally leaked the next Middle-earth title from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The first game, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was largely enjoyed by many critics and consumers alike, so it makes sense that a sequel was coming.

The search results on the Target site (since removed) showed off Middle-earth: Shadow of War. This included two different box arts, one for the base game and one for a "Gold Edition" of the game. Details also include a basic plot overview and lots and lots of DLC. The listing did include a release date of August 22, but release dates put up by retailers are notorious for simply being placeholders.

And the DLC? Oh, the DLC. There is a lot of it already listed as being included in the "Gold Edition" of the game.

That's right, there is a slew of DLC already lined up for a game that hasn't even been announced yet. This is, of course, nothing new. According to additional info from Kotaku the story "will be based on Talion and Celebrimbor working to forge a new ring that's as powerful as Sauron's." Oh yeah that sounds like a great idea. Arguably the best part of the previous game, the Nemesis system, will return along with "new stronghold mechanics, new special abilities," and more.

WB was teasing a special reveal event set for March 8. It's very possible that the event in question was going to be where this game was officially revealed. It's not too far off now, so we'll have to wait and see if this was what they were going to show off or if they still have something up their sleeve.