The demo for Tales of Berseria on the PC and PlayStation 4 was released today. PC users can download the demo through Steam.
In TALES OF BERSERIA, players embark on a journey of self-discovery as they assume the role off Velvet Crowe, whose once kind demeanor has been replaced and overcome with a festering anger and hatred after a traumatic experience three years prior to the events within the game. Velvet will join a crew of pirates as they sail across the sea and visit the many islands that make up the sacred kingdom of Midgand in an all-new adventure developed by the celebrated team behind the TALES OF series.

The full game will be released on January 24 on the PS4 and on January 26 on the PC through Steam.

And now, the bad news. In a recent posting on the Steam Community page for Tales of Berseria, the team from Bandai Namco gave the PC requirements and talked about what DRM they're using. Hold onto your butts those who think DRM is the devil.

Denuvo is used in games like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Watch Dogs 2, and many others. People that are against Denuvo claim that the DRM constantly writes to drives and reduce the life of SSDs as a result. That claim has yet to be proven and has been denied by Denuvo.

Besides this DRM news, the developer has also detailed the game's requirements on the PC.

The PC release will allow for rebinding of keys and easily swapping between and keyboard/mouse and a controller. Visual customization includes things like resolutions, AA, AF, and more. It supports 4K resolution (though it is upscaled) and AA options such as various levels of SMAA and FXAA. Sadly, it seems like the game will "run at 60fps by default."