A few tweets tonight by the Kojima Productions Twitter account shed a few additional details on what we can expect from the mysterious Death Stranding.

It seems as though the game will feature some form of co-op. Kojima Productions said that the game will feature a "new form of co-op play but will of course be fully playable in single player." So, does someone play as Norman Reedus and the other person is the baby?

The team is still actively casting people for the roles in the game. They're even looking for some suggestions for who would play a potential heroine.

They tweeted out that the game does have a set release date and a budget to match that release date. I almost took that tweet to be a bit tongue in cheek but it could be said without any actual joking behind it.

As for the release date, it seems as though they are aiming to have the game out before the Tokyo Olympic Games and before the year the movie Akira took place in. The Tokyo hosted Summer Olympics is in 2020 and the movie Akira takes place in 2019. So uh, we have a ways to go yet. My best guess would be a rough 2018 release window.

Some other details pulled from a currently ongoing event say that they are using an engine that another developer has created. They are working with this unnamed developer on the engine to help create new technologies. Also, there are some sort of robots in the game. That's about as solid as the details come right now.

Finally, Kojima said that he and his team have absolutely nothing to do with Metal Gear Survive. When asked about Survive, Kojima said (via rough translation) that Metal Gear is mainly "about espionage and political fiction, not zombies." He continues on to say that he is not a fan of crystalline zombies.