This weekend, you Battleborn fans will get a chance to earn double credits for playing. In addition, Gearbox developers will be around starting at 2PM (CT) on Saturday, June 25 to play and battle against the community.

Here are the details, including some livestreams that you can check out.
Rev up those miniguns, it’s time for the first Battleborn Play With The Devs event! Starting at 2pm CT on Saturday, June 25th, Gearbox Devs will be marching off to battle with the community.

• WHEN: Saturday, June 25 from 12pm – 6 pm PT
• WHERE: NA servers, all platforms

Tune into livestreams throughout the day while the Devs pair up with streamers to crush opponents with their death machines (or be crushed, you never know). Here’s the livestream schedule below:

• EdeMonster with Brian Thomas (Design Director) and Sean Ahern (Marketing Artist)
12 - 2pm PT on twitch.tv/edemonster

• Ven0mkisser with Lilith Newman (VFX Producer) and Grant Kao (Designer)
12 - 2pm PT on twitch.tv/ven0mkisser

• DeeJayKnight with Randy Varnell (Creative Director) and Nicholas Wilson (VFX Lead)
2 - 6pm PT on twitch.tv/deejayknight

• Stealth Shampoo with Joe King (Community Manager)
4 - 6pm PT on twitch.tv/stealthshampoo

• SuperBadJuJu with Anthony Nicholson (Associate Producer)
5 - 6 pm PT on twitch.tv/superbadjuju

How will you know if you’re playing with or against the Devs? Keep an eye out for the Gearbox Dev title in public matches.

But wait, that’s not all! Sharpen those swords and ready those rockets for a weekend of DOUBLE CREDITS! Earn double credits while playing matches and missions around the Solus system. Now’s your chance to splurge on Loot Packs or horde it all for the 27th Battleborn hero, Pendles (we’ll have more information about his release soon).

• START: Friday, June 24 at 8 am PT
• ENDS: Monday, June 27 at 8 am PT

Aaaaaand there’s more… For a very limited time on Saturday, snag TWO hero skins from the Battleborn social media channels. Follow @Battleborn on Twitter and keep an eye on the Facebook page for a SHiFT code containing Oscar Mike’s golden “Tango Tango” skin AND Rath’s cyber “A Dark Night” skin. These skins will only hang around for a short while before they’re sent back to the void – er – storage.

WHEN: Sometime on Saturday, June 25th for a very limited time. Keep an eye out!