Black and white Gearbox Entertainment logo.

Today, it was shared that Embracer Group sold off Gearbox Entertainment to Take-Two for $460 million. Apparently, as I was typing up that report, Insider Gaming put up another story concerning Gearbox Entertainment and theirs is a little less positive.

According to Insider Gaming, Gearbox Entertainment staff were hit with layoffs after being sold to Take-Two. Insider Gaming cites several social media posts where those who have been employed by Gearbox reveal that they are no longer with the company.

A now former public relations manager at Gearbox, Jennifer Locke, posted to Twitter that she was just laid off.

Senior user research investigator Jewels Verne also noted that she "just lost her job." Through LinkedIn, PR staff member Steve Prince also shared that he also just lost his job today.

As of the time of publishing this, we have no idea just how many people have been laid off from Gearbox Entertainment. Neither Gearbox nor their new owners at Take-Two Interactive have issued any sort of public facing statement about how extensive these layoffs are.

These layoffs at Gearbox Entertainment join the layoffs at Sega that impacted Sega Europe, Creative Assembly, and Hardlight. Those layoffs were already joined today by layoffs that hit Certain Affinity.