The 100th update for Payday 2 was announced today by Overkill and man what an update it is. Overkill again owns the rights to the Payday IP after having reacquired it from 505 Games. Their first order of business is to remove those crappy microtransactions and make them free to those that own the game, but that's not all.
We own Payday againContinued support 18 more months!Website with FAQ on Thursday!here.

AMA on on Friday!
OVERKILL_Almir, OVERKILL_Joakim, OVERKILL_Hampus and OVERKILL_Jules are doing an AMA on Friday between 4pm-6pm EST. Make sure to pop in and ask all your questions about the skill changes, the black market changes and more.

Last but not least - THANK YOU for your support, thank you for sticking with us through thick and through thin, and thank you for playing Payday 2.

Update 100 goes live this Thursday.

The team also released a new teaser for something that they will be announcing at E3. You can check that out below.