Volition just got done showing off their unreleased PSP game, Saints Row: Undercover, via their Twitch channel. It's unfinished, broken, and was left in an early state of development that most end consumers cannot even comprehend. Even still, it was awesome to see a game that most of the world didn't even know about.

This lost gaming relic was certainly cool enough to see but how would you like to play it for yourself? Well, you can. Volition and Unseen64 have teamed up to release the Saints Row: Undercover PSP prototype ISO for free. You can find download mirrors at the Unseen64 site.

To play the game, you will obviously need something like a PSP emulator. I'm sure you can find one of those on your own (or just find a link to one in the link above!).

As a bonus, you can check out the 122 page design document for Saints Row: Undercover (links to PDF)! This document outlines the game's story, missions, gameplay, location, abilities, weapons, stores, and more.