The current "free-to-play" model for Project Spark will soon shift to a totally free model when the game creating game moves to the free Incubation Engine on October 5. This date will mark the release of the "biggest update and platform change" thus far for Project Spark.

On top of this, the content packs that were released today will be the last planned DLC releases for the game. This includes 46 asset packs with over 2,000 assets released in the previous few months. They make sure to note that this also includes an end to the episodic adventures, including those for Conker's Big Reunion, saying that it's now up to the community to "continuing his story in whatever ways you want." That is to say, Microsoft has once again abandoned Conker.

Here is a bit more on some of the major changes coming in the October 5 update.

(via Project Spark)