Update #4: It's over! Here are your winners:

Killing Floor Winner: jimykx
1 Month Twitch Turbo Winner: Lil'Ruff
Company of Heroes 2: Kendoo

Update #3: The drawing deadline is Sunday, February 1st. Get those entries in. There's games and Twitch Turbo to giveaway!

Update #2: I forgot the main page post is separate from the forum post, so basically very few people actually know about these new prizes. This is my fault for not notifying Zips, but due to the XSplit code being close to its expiry date, I'll be giving this to Zips. The reason why I think it would be best for Zips to have the XSplit code is so he can have more options to work with for TGN/CS-Nation videos. For example, Sleeping Dogs isn't playing nicely with OBS, so now he can give XSplit a shot and see if that works better. In return, we get more video content without any of the OBS issues. The other reason is because I don't know many people who are interested in using XSplit. Most are happy with OBS, or don't stream at all. Here's hoping XSplit works better Zips! For um... 3 months.

Update: Added 1 month of Twitch Turbo and 3 months of XSplit Premium to the prizes. To enter for both of these, apply for either the Killing Floor or Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons giveaway. The two new prizes Twitch Turbo prize will be drawn separately in a pool of entries that applied for either of the two games. Make a note in your post on whether you want XSplit or not as not everybody has a use for it. Due to the XSplit code expiring at the end of January, I will require those interested in XSplit to enter by Jan 25th, or this specific prize will be removed.

Going to keep this short since I have to head out, but long story short it's the holidays, and it's also been a while since the TGN servers/database imploded so hooray! The site runs fine! Time to celebrate with giving away games randomly. Of course, since I'm a selfish jerk, there are conditions to win these games. And before you ask, no... This isn't a sponsored giveaway in any way, shape, or form. I just want to contribute to the growth of TGN. Plain and simple. Selfish right? Yes... Yes I am.

I have a Humble Bundle gift link for Killing Floor (no DLC since I'm a selfish jerk) and to win that:
  • Watch a TGN video, like it, and comment on the YouTube page. Might I suggest A Wolf Among Us? or CS:GO's reimagined Train map?
  • Post a comment here to let us know what you liked and commented on since he has a lot of videos and I'm not tracking them down. I'll collect names, and do a random drawing (probably assign each of you a number and use random.org). When? Uh... Dunno. I'll wait until I get a decent amount of names and then give a heads up that I will draw in the next few days for last-minute entries.
  • If you're a new here and had to create a TGN forum account to post said comment here, you get two entries instead of one. Again, because I'm a jerk.

I also have a Humble Bundle gift link for Company of Heroes 2 - The Western Front Armies: Oberkommando West and to win that:
  • Random drawing. Simply post a reply below saying: I am interested in Company of Heroes 2, enter me into the drawing.
  • We'll pick a winner at some point in a few days. Get those entries in, it can't hurt to enter. We'll announce when time is up and a winner is selected.

I also have Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons in my Steam inventory. Winner should give their E-mail address to Zips (Shawn Zipay) and he'll make arrangements to get the game sent to you. Simply put, the winner's E-mail is only to give the prize and nothing else. I don't even want the E-mail address. So how do you win this one?
  • Comment on any TGN blog post and post a comment here with a link saying you did it. Winner will be drawn just like the Killing Floor prize. When? Again, if I see enough people, I'll give a heads up saying time is running out and then draw it a few days later.
  • Newcomers will once again get two entries. But let me know if you had to create an account to enter, and if I don't recognize you, then you get two entries (for instance, we all know CptainCrunch is totally new here, so he gets two entries, as well as sigma obviously, while Zips gets half an entry because reasons).

Okay that's it. I'm late for my appointment. Happy Holidays!

P.S. I demand Wrestlin' Nation for April Fools 2015 regardless of how predictable and impractical it is to implement this.