Styx: Master of Shadows is an upcoming "skill-based infiltration game" from Cyanide Studio. Slated for release this October on the PS4, XB1, and PC for $29.99 (USD), Styx has a new trailer out that shows that death is unavoidable if you're bad at the game.

Even though Styx is a gifted goblin - with six base skill trees, and one special tree to subvert, assassinate and sneak past the enemies - his journey through the Tower of Akenash definitely won't be a cakewalk. Enemies react promptly to the goblin's presence: stick your nose out of the shadows for half a second too long, make too much noise slicing the throat of a guard or bumping a piece of furniture you did not notice, and they will come investigate, search for you under tables, inside any containers or chests you may be hiding in, and call in other guards for help depending on their level of "alertness".

When cornered, you will be able to parry yourself out of a situation... however, this is definitely not a silent option, and if you find yourself facing even just a few enemies at once, you're goblin toast. Purists will even be able to select the Goblin Mode difficulty, which means that whenever Styx is caught, he has no chance to fight back. Instead, he'll be shot, strangled, hammered, or sliced into pieces the second he's in range and noticed...

You can always find out more on this game at the Styx: Master of Shadows website. The website isn't actually working at the time of this posting but the URL will probably load up the site one day.