Gaming communities can be full of idiots. I'm not going to sugar coat that fact. The latest to suffer from such a community is Facepunch Studios. Recently, one of the employees, Adam Woolridge, revealed a prototype game, Riftlight, that he alone is working on. Suddenly, the Rust community loses their collective minds and begin to pick up pitchforks against Facepunch for not delivering a finished product in Rust.

They are upset that Rust development is somehow taking a back seat now. They make accusations that Rust is now cancelled because of the reveal of this prototype being developed by just one employee. They go on and on about how Early Access screws over another community and so on. Garry took to the Facepunch blog to provide some examples of the things being said.

There are plenty more, but you can see those for yourself in Garry's blog. The point stands, however, that some people are stupid. Garry attempted to make it clear that Rust development is in no way impacted by this prototype game.

Despite this, a "Jordan Ledger" actually made a petition to "uncancel Rust" and fire Adam Woolridge. In the petition, the creator admits that he read Garry's blog update and still feels his petition is somehow justified. Please people, don't be like Jordan.

It's unfortunate that this kind of backlash over nothing is one of the pitfalls to developers wanting to be transparent of their work with the world. To fall back on an old saying, "this is why we can't have nice things."