Today, Dualshockers received reports from two separate sources on what Sony may be showing off this year at E3 2014. As with all things related to unconfirmed reports from anonymous sources, be sure to take the following list with a huge grain of salt.

Dualshockers notes that the items listed below in bold were mentioned by both sources and may be more valid than those items not given the bold treatment.

The article continues on to mention that their source isn't 100% sure if Rockstar will actually be on stage or if Sony is simply going to announce the new release of Grand Theft Auto V on their behalf. They also mention that there will be some big titles "announced for the Instant Game Collection, a segment on Project Morpheus," and some bits on the Sony Entertainment Network, and a new introduction for PlayStation Now.

There is also word that Sony will reveal a price drop for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

With E3 2014 just about a month away, this list will be on to keep in mind during Sony's conference.