Jon Shiring is an engineer working at Respawn Entertainment and he is super grateful for the Xbox Live Compute program that is built on Microsoft's Azure server program. It powers a lot of stuff within Titanfall and Shiring says (via MP1st) that the benefit from those servers is real.

In fact, he claims that it allowed the studio to add elements that "no one's really tried before."

That's great, but what do the servers actually do? Well, he says that it allows the designers to "go crazy and do things like throw AI in multiplayer and have these ships flying around the world and all these things that in a peer-to-peer hosted game - I know this is a little technical, but in a peer-to-peer hosted game, the bandwidth isn't there."

And yet, for as much as this Compute system seems to do, it cannot help the framerate and resolution issues on the Xbox One version of the game.

(I am working on a review of the PC version of Titanfall. I was not able to access the PC version of the game until the release date, same as everyone else, media or otherwise. Now that enough time has been put into the game, a review will be forthcoming this week.)