Valve has finally kicked off an all new Operation tonight in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Operation Hydra includes a 2v2 mode, a 5v5 mode that "requires broad weapon proficiency, and "twists on classic game rules."

The 5v5 mode will allow you to buy a weapon only once in a best of 30 match. War Games introduces a variety of twists on classic game modes including a mode with a heavy assault suit, another where you can only cause damage with headshots, another mode where everyone has only a knife and a recharging Zeus, a mode with low gravity and SSG08, and a mode where every missed shot causes you to take damage.

New operation maps include Austria, Lite, Shipped, Thrill, Agency, Black Gold, and Insertion. There are new skins to unlock, upgrades to purchase, and more. You can find out more about all of this at the Global Offensive page for Operation Hydra. Operation Hydra will end in about 18 weeks from now.