Hey look, it's another update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! It's got some fixes and some additions of ESL stuff. Get ready for the changelog!

Changelog for CS:GO for August 4, 2014 update (

- Added ESL One Cologne 2014 Legends Sticker Capsule
- Added ESL One Cologne 2014 Challengers Sticker Capsule

- Added the Cologne 2014 Pick'Em Challenge, available in the WATCH menu. http://www.counter-strike.net/pickem/eslcologne2014

- Added sv_server_graphic2 that specifies a 220x45 image that is placed above the right side team.
- Renamed sv_server_graphic to sv_server_graphic1.
- Fixed classic static crosshair (cl_crosshairstyle 4) not being totally static.