Just a teaser for a bigger reveal.

DICE released a little teaser today for Season 5 of Battlefield 2042. This teaser was dropped ahead of a planned larger reveal scheduled for May 26. First off, we learned that Season 5 is being called New Dawn.

The teaser is just that, a teaser of the upcoming gameplay reveal on the 26th at 8AM (PT). It also seems to hold a little more than meets the eye at first glance. For instance, is that morse code I hear? Secondly, what does 1 11 06 signify? These numbers show up very briefly right around the 9-second mark of the teaser.

The numbers 1 11 06 are seen in a new Battlefield 2042 teaser.

Furthermore, there is a new bit of lore shared today called "Arkangel Archives." It is here where the story of Battlefield 2042 is expanded. Along with that, a teaser image of the Season 5 map is seen.

An image showing what looks like an aerial view of the map Zavod 311 for Battlefield 2042.

That sure looks like Zavod 311 from Battlefield 4 to me. And that date... 2048? Does that mean that Season 5 is set six years into the future from Battlefield 2042?

There are a lot of mysteries going on right now. Hopefully all will be revealed on May 26th. Until then, go seek out the Season 5 Easter Eggs in Battlefield 2042 in order to unlock some new cosmetics!