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  • Battlefield 2042 Season 5 - New Dawn - Trailer and New Content Details

    The fifth and final season is nearly here.

    Battlefield 2042 has had a hell of a run. From being a disappointing mess at launch to becoming a game that I can safely recommend in its current state. Today, DICE showed off a new trailer for Season 5: New Dawn, the fifth and final season of content for the FPS.

    Season 5: New Dawn will launch on June 7. This season will include a brand new map, new weapons, new gadgets, and various quality of life improvements. Some of those...
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  • Battlefield 2042 Season 5: New Dawn Teaser and Lore Dump

    Battlefield 2042 Season 5: New Dawn Teaser and Lore Dump

    Just a teaser for a bigger reveal.

    DICE released a little teaser today for Season 5 of Battlefield 2042. This teaser was dropped ahead of a planned larger reveal scheduled for May 26. First off, we learned that Season 5 is being called New Dawn.

    The teaser is just that, a teaser of the upcoming gameplay reveal on the 26th at 8AM (PT). It also seems to hold a little more than meets the eye at first glance. For instance, is that morse code I hear? Secondly, what does 1 11...
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