Battlefield V

Just when you thought the general rabble about Battlefield V was finally quieting down, EA released their Q3 2019 financials to investors today. In doing so, EA's top brass say that Battlefield V sold roughly 1 million units below expectations because development prioritized a single player campaign over getting a battle royale mode ready for launch.

To its credit, Battlefield V still sold 7.3 million units across all platforms, but it's still considered underperforming according to EA's expectations. This disappointment was conveyed today by EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

Wilson does note that the emphasis on the campaign is only part of the reason for the lowered sales figures. He continued on to say that the push of Battlefield V from October to November had a "significant impact" on sales figures. Competitors were already being sold ahead of Battlefield V's launch, which obviously chipped away at potential sales. The jury is still out on whether or not the "mass outrage" over Soderlund's "either accept it or don't buy the game" remarks had much of an impact on these sales figures. Though with over 7 million units sold in two months, it's safe to say that the outrage was roughly the size of a fruit fly in the grand scheme of things.

Despite all of this, EA says that they are optimistic about the future of Battlefield as a live service title. Though the battle royale mode for Battlefield V wasn't available for launch, it is still slated to arrive this March. When it does, EA expects that the game will see a nice boost in sales.

Battlefield V was recently named one of Total Gaming Network's "Best Games of 2018" largely due to its engaging multiplayer.