There has been a long-running mystery still remaining in Battlefield 1. There was a door that came to be known as the "Zombie Door" in Fort Vaux. The door remained locked though you could hear mysterious noises behind it. It took over a year, but players have managed to open up the door using a series of nine switches scattered around the map. When done in a specific order, these switches spelled out "Isolement," the French word for "Isolation."

Once opened, the door leads to a small sectioned off room with four bunks. Also in the room are some pipes, valves that could be turned, a painting of a horse, and strange patterns on the wall. The patterns, when overlayed together, turned out to be a sequence of numbers and right/left designations: 6 right, 9 left, 3 right, and 2 left. The player who puts the code in correctly is rewarded with a short Battlefield theme playing and a dog tag.

However, the pipes in the room held another secret. They dripped in Morse code. The code was for a website. That website is ea.com/neverbethesame. All that is held on that page right now is a date of May 23, 2018 and a hashtag for #battlefield. It also includes the image of the horse that was in the locked room.


You can thank the efforts of the Battlefield Easter Egg community for their diligent work in figuring out this mystery. That link is for their Twitter where you can see the process that they went through for a lot of this.