The patch notes for tomorrow's (December 13) update for Battlefield 1 were released earlier than normal. Typically, we're sitting here waiting for the patch notes to drop hours after the actual update is out. Not so for this one!

This is the "Giant's Shadow" update. A new map arrives that places you in the Battle of Selle on a cold autumn day in 1918. Of course, despite this map pack being free, those with Premium will still get it early (tomorrow), while the rest have to wait until December 20.

This update will include some non-time gated content too. This includes a Spectator Mode, a new game setting that gives everyone a bolt-action rifle (yay, historical accuracy), and plenty of changes and balancing for classes, vehicles, maps, and more. It has a Model 10-A nerf (how this wasn't done before is a mystery). It has a fix for 'some' DirectX 11 hanging issues. It's got a little bit of everything!

The full list of changes can be read below.

Battlefield 1 "Giant's Shadow" Update for December 13, 2017