DICE and EA are looking for your help in naming the new Community Map that the team has been working on for the past few months. This is the map that was born from constant feedback from the Battlefield 4 community. Now they just need a name.

Head on over to Survey Monkey to pick which map you find to be your favorite. Here is what you have to choose from.
Top Community Map Name Alternatives
  • Harau Falls
  • Ruins of Harau
  • Harimau Confrontation
  • Harau Temple
  • Quarantine
  • Harau Strain 267
  • Harau Cascade
  • Harau Outbreak
  • Indonesian Incursion
  • Operation: Outbreak
  • Agent Green
  • Return to Monkey King Falls
  • Stone Tiger Basin
  • Harau Mist
  • Sun Gokong Falls

To be honest, these all suck. Quarantine seems like the only real worthwhile one, but it's so incredibly generic. I went with "Return to Monkey King Falls" simply because it was the most absurd sounding, even if it would have been better without the "Return to" part.