The annual event returns with new rewards.
Key art showing three Guardians from Destiny 2 posing and showing off the new hoverboard.

Come March 5th, the annual Guardian Games competition returns to Destiny 2. This year, Bungie is touting this one as "an all-star event" that will bring new challenges and new rewards to players. This event will also introduce the first-ever hoverboard, the Skimmer, to Destiny 2.

Like previous Guardian Games this year's event will pit Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks against each other over a period of three weeks. The class that completes the most objectives and scores the most points for their class will get a nice little statue in the Tower for the next year.

Guardian Games All-Stars will have an updated scoring system. Focus Activities offer limited-time boosts to activities that can grant extra Medallions to the winning classes. A Contender Card will spice things up further with the ability to earn Diamond Medallions that are worth more than regular medallions.

Naturally, there will be a bunch of cosmetic items you can earn or, more likely, spend money to unlock. Some of the items will be available through a new Event Card and the Eververse Store.

During the event, the new Allstar Vector Skimmer will be released for all players to earn at no additional cost. This all-new vehicle type is the flashiest way to travel around the solar system, allowing players to perform unique tricks and grind rails as they ride through their favorite destinations. Those who earn the Allstar Vector Skimmer during the event will permanently unlock it.

Players complete Event Card challenges to unlock rewards like the new Compressed Wave Frame Grenade Launcher, Hullabaloo, as well as a new Exotic Ghost Shell, Exotic emote, and more. Upgrading the Event Card will also unlock access to additional rewards. Players who complete the Gold Event Challenge by March 26, 2024, at 9:59 AM PT, will earn the Bungie Rewards offer to purchase a physical 2024 Guardian Games All-Stars Medal through the Bungie Store.​
Those looking to "compete" in real life can do so with The Guardian Games Cup. Returning for its third year, players will get to compete while also supporting Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee through the Bungie Foundation.

Teams of six will compete in two categories:
  1. The Technical category tracks each team’s total number of Medallions dunked during Guardian Games All-Stars.
  2. The Charitable category tracks the total amount raised by each team throughout the event.
The top four teams in each category will be awarded prizes, including:
  • The first-place teams in each category: Life-size physical Allstar Vector Skimmer replica with the team’s names engraved (one per team per category)
  • Top two teams in each category: Guardian Games Medals ($50 MSRP) for each team member (maximum of 6 per team per category)
  • Top three teams in each category: Binary Cascade emblem codes for each team member (maximum of 6 per team per category)
  • Top four teams in each category: Bungie Store $50 discount codes for each team member (maximum of 6 per team per category)
There will also be an incentive for players who donate $10 or more:

$10 and above – Together in Contribution emblem. Note: every $10 donated will net you an additional emblem.​
You can see that unlockable emblem plus other event screenshots below.

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