Will premiere after the new Nintendo Direct.
Artwork showing a rolling field of golden wheat and ghostly gravestones for the Elden Ring DLC.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC gameplay will be revealed on February 21, 2024 at 7AM PT. Interestingly, this reveal is expected to take place shortly after the new Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase, which will run from 6AM until about 6:30AM PT.

The premiere should show up in the embed YouTube video at the bottom. We'll probably also have a full news post up for it after it goes live as there will probably be additional information to share with you at that time.

The first and only information we were given for Shadow of the Erdtree came almost exactly one year ago when it was announced. More recently, FromSoftware started to push some DLC related updates to the Elden Ring depot on Steam.