It's couch co-op with extreme social distancing.
Steam Remote Play Together Fest February 12 - February 19 at 10AM PT

Some of you are probably just now recovering from the recent Steam Next Fest held just last week. Some of you are eager for even more. To that second group I say this: You're in luck as Valve just kicked off the Remote Play Together Fest on Steam.

The Remote Play Together Fest is a celebration of all those games you can play together even when you're far apart. In a bit of an odd twist, not all of the games included in the Remote Play Together Fest actually include couch co-op or local multiplayer. Some of them still have online multiplayer and no local multiplayer. Some of them don't include multiplayer at all, which is rather bizarre to include in a "Remote Play Together" event. Maybe you can just take turns playing or something.

There are also a bunch of demos included in the Remote Play Together Fest. Naturally, there are a bunch of discounted items as well. It Takes Two, for instance, is just $9.99 during this Fest. It's a super good game. Some might even call it Game of the Year. Super Bunny Man is also under $10, Overcooked! 2 is $6.24, and the list goes on and on.

It's a Fest that is on Steam. You kind of know the drill by now no matter what. Go forth and play together remotely.