In case you wanted to see it.
Still from the cinematic trailer for League of Legends Season 2024 showing a fiery background and a person with a sword fending off foes.

Riot Games released the new cinematic for League of Legends' Season 2024. The new cinematic is called "Still Here" and with its release Season 2024 has officially kicked off.

I assume that this cinematic will also play within League of Legends itself, perhaps when you launch the game. I do not know how these work as I do not play League of Legends. However, if you can't access the game yet or just want to see the cinematic outside of the game, we have you covered with the embed below.

For those looking for more information on what is in store for Season 2024, you can always check out the newest developer video or a "TL;DW" written article from Riot.