The Traitor Curse Part 2 is nearly here for Darktide fans.
Infographic showing content coming in the second part of a two-part anniversary update.

This past week, Fatshark showed off the second part of their big Traitor Curse Anniversary Update for Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. The first part of this two-part update came out in early November. This second part isn't out yet, but it should presumably be out soon given that we've just gotten new details on it.

To go over the second part of The Traitor Curse update quickly, we're looking at a new consumable type, new weapon marks, an entire new mission, a new time-limited combat encounter, and something that Fatashark doesn't seem ready to reveal just yet.

The Traitor Curse Part 2 includes:
  • New Consumables - Stimms: Loot four different Stimms from the field to aid you in the fight against the heretics; restoring health, boosting damage, increasing speed or hasten cooldown regeneration
  • New Weapon Marks: Quartermaster Brunt has new weapon variations available to diversify your playstyle introducing, amongst others, the foldable Munitorum Mk III Sapper Shovel and the Agripinaa Mk XIV Quickdraw Stub Revolver with its fanning technique
  • New Mission - Warren 6-19: explore The Carnival’s back alleys and destroy the Moebian production facilities
  • Time-Limited Combat Encounter: The Karnak Twins have been sighted ambushing strike teams across Tertium
  • Ne - - - REDACTED: Expl - - - ola - - - disp - - - at - - - orr - - -​
Obviously, this content joins the content that was added in the first part. That update included a new cinematic, new zone, new mission, an inspect feature, and updates to the veteran talent tree.