The first trailer for Amazon's Fallout series is here and it's looking quite good.
A ghoul in cowboy gear leans against a doorway looking down as a dog lays near his feet.

Amazon just dropped the first official trailer for their Prime TV series, Fallout. I'll say it: The trailer actually looks really good already and the show won't even debut until April 12, 2024 on Amazon Prime Video.

The Fallout trailer is full of familiar sights and sounds that will be instantly recognizable to anybody that has played a Fallout game or considers themselves a fan. There are plenty of bombs being dropped, ghouls, factions like the Brotherhood of Steel, Vaults, Vault dwellers losing it, mutated monsters, and so much more.

From what has been shared about the Fallout TV series prior to this trailer debut, we know that Vault 33 will play a role in the plot. Vault 33 has never been depicted in any of the games, which has basically given Amazon a blank slate on what they can do with some elements of the story. Still, Amazon couldn't get too crazy with the plot as the events of the TV series will run adjacent to the events of the Fallout games.

Amazon also released some new posters today for the Fallout TV series. You saw a bit of one above, but all four of them can be found below.

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