The show will be an original story and won't try to rehash the same events from Fallout 3 or Fallout 4.
Vault Boy from the Fallout franchise giving a thumbs up over a yellow background

We're starting to get a few new details, slowly but surely, about the upcoming Fallout TV show that Amazon is working on. The latest comes from none other than Todd Howard himself, where he notes that the Fallout TV series will be a new story that takes place at the same time as the events in say Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

Howard shared some information about the Fallout TV show in a recent interview with Lex Fridman. I will link that interview with Todd Howard here but I must warn you that Fridman likes to interview a lot of very far-right leaning political figures or just self-important asshats in general such as Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Ye, Ben Shaprio, and more. So if you don't want to have your YouTube recommendations become an actual cesspool (or anymore of a cesspool) maybe don't click that link.

That warning out of the way, let's get into what Todd Howard had to say about this Fallout TV show.

Howard notes that he turned down various offers from people that "wanted to tell the story of Fallout 3 or tell the story of Fallout 4," calling them "meh." For this project, Amazon suggested on doing "something that exists within the world of Fallout" that isn't a simple retelling of stories we already know about.

"It's not retelling a game story. It's basically an area of the map. Let's tell a story here that fits in the world that we have built, doesn't break any of the rules, can reference things in the games, but isn't a retelling of the games. (It) exists in the same world but is its own unique thing, so it adds to it. While also, people who haven't played the games, who can't experience how crazy cool Fallout is, can watch the series."
Beyond this and the super brief teaser we were given earlier this year, not much is really known about the Fallout TV show. We know that the focus will probably be on events and characters from Vault 33, but anything else is still a mystery.